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Creates RTF documents using Indian-based Word tools
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Simplifies the creation of documents using a Word-like interface with support for Indian languages like Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, etc. It supports transliteration in 4 modes: auto, reverse, dual-screen, and SAT.

India is one of the countries where most different languages are spoken. Thus, it is rather difficult to communicate in writing with people who read in each of those languages. This program lets you transliterate words and phrases easily to many of the Indian languages. You only need to choose the language you need in the upper panel, set the font encoding, the keyboard layout, and a key combination. Although the program has its default combinations, you can change them according to your needs

To use the above settings, you need to open a notepad, MS Word or any other pext processing document, and press the relevant key combination. For example, to use the Tamil Unicode font, the default keys are Alt+6. Then, you can start writing, and the characters that appear on the document will be those of the font you selected.

The program also lets you set your keyboard to any other language just by following a simple process whose details go beyond this review. Nevertheless, this can be useful if you work with many different non-Latin-based languages.

One of the disadvantages I found is that the main interface is somewhat crowded, although some people would consider it an advantage to have most of the program's options directly on a screen. Also, every time you open the program, a notification appears, boasting the advantages of the program. This can be annoying after a while, although it does not affect the program's performance.

In sum, if you write texts to be read by speakers of the different Indian languages, this program will be useful for you. You can download and use it for free and without any limitations.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is useful for transliterating words into most of the Indian languages
  • It can be customized to transliterate into any other language


  • The main interface is somewhat crowded
  • A notification showing the advantages of the program appears every time you start it
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